Porta Potty Rental Donation

Portable Toilet Co. recently proudly donated 50 portable toilets to Erickson’s Fundraising luncheon. Erickson’s is a local non-profit adult day care facility dedicated to selflessly caring for adults who need extra care during the day hours when primary caretakers may be at their place of employment. Started in 2006 by two sisters who felt helpless when their aging mother needed around-the-clock assistance as they went to work, this business began as they decided to cease working at their current jobs to create an adult day care center to serve, not only their mother, but others who were in the same situation. Mrs. Erickson, being the drive for the day care center, was also the namesake.

Thanks To Portable Toilet Co.

She was able to attend the recent fundraising luncheon, expressing her gratitude for the opportunity to make new friends and spend the days with her daughters. She also thanked Portable Toilet Co. for the donation of the portable toilets, which will help raise funds to maintain the business. We are excited to donate 50 portable toilets to this needed service to the community.

Portable Toilet Rental Donation

We strive to provide a portable toilet rental service to the community, with timely service and prompt removal. Our porta potty rental company has a history of dedication to customers, with a strong mission to giving back to the community. Our company was founded with family needs in mind, as well, and we strongly identify with organizations striving to serving others in the community.

Portable Toilets

Portable Toilet Rentals are our specialty, and we are pleased to announce that we plan on partnering with many service organizations in the future for fundraising efforts. If you are looking for a porta potty donation for an upcoming fundraising event, or are in need of porta potty rental services, please contact us.